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Tooling Design

Probsan offers its qualified services in tooling design and manufacturing with its over 40 years experience in the field. The tooling design and manufacturing services are provided in a customer and solution oriented way. Quick response time to customer demands without compensating of quality is one of the distinctive characteristics of Probsan in tooling services.
Having the ability to provide tooling services in house makes Probsan a great solution partner with its current and potential Clients because Probsan has a highly qualified technical staff with over 40 years of experience and know-how especially in stamping and deep drawing tools. Probsan’s experienced, highly skilled craftsmen manufacture tools that ensure repeatable part quality.
At Probsan, we believe that the best design solutions originate in collaboration. Engineering, design, tooling, and production team members work together to gain an understanding of the customer's needs. A unique manufacturing process is then designed specifically for each project.
In-house engineers design tooling for manufacturability, so parts meet customer specifications while utilizing the most cost-effective manufacturing methods. Prototype capabilities are available as required.